Ideation + Strategy

Ideation + Strategy: My brains and expertise, your business and your life.

Here’s what I’m good at:

  • making connections (people, resources, even abstract ideas)

  • simplifying business processes

  • helping people clarify their business and lifestyle goals

  • setting S.M.A.R.T. goals with a roadmap and timeline

My Expertise:

  • Local food systems (community gardens, farmers markets, community supported agriculture, buying clubs)
  • Community outreach and engagement (online and onground)
  • Social Storytelling
  • Health Coaching
  • Community Food Education
  • Emergency Preparedness

My Services:

  • brainstorming

  • social media strategy

  • community outreach strategy

  • good food project development

  • wellness business design

  • work/life business lifestyle planning (creating the whole picture of your life, not just the parts)

Sessions via phone, Skype, or Google Hangout

One-off sessions: $250/hr


10 hours a month, $1100/mo

20 hours a month, $2000/mo

To clarify, I am not:

A personal assistant, a virtual assistant, an employee, your social media manager.

I am here as a consultant with the aim of helping you decide quickly if what you want to do makes sense for what you actually can do. 

The Rundown:

As a teenager, I rubbed elbows with high level executives of fortune 500 companies at $1,000-a-plate fundraisers. I helped launch youth programs in three cities across the country and internationally. I’ve managed volunteer community outreach crews and run the customer service desk at a museum and a high end grocer.

I’ve healed my chronic sinus allergies by changing my lifestyle, effectively coming off weekly shots, daily pills, and nasal spray for going on ten years. I studied photography at Brooklyn Tech and School of Visual Arts and am graduate of Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I managed three farmers markets in Brooklyn, Harlem, and The Bronx. I helped grow my neighborhood’s CSA from one farmer and one location to five farmers and three locations over three years.

I’ve presented at friendraisers and organized a silent auction.

Anything else you want to know?

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What folks are saying:

I am always amazed at how creative Melissa’s mind is. She is full of new ideas and passionate about so many different areas of the wellness field. However, she is not a jack of all trades, but a master of these areas! Every time I speak with her, I am sparked to create something new for my business. I just added a new niche, clutter coaching, to my health coaching business. Melissa’s mentioned her move towards minimalism in her life and it sparked a buried desire in me. She is a veritable fountain of ideas.  – Hakikah Shamsiden, Shamsiden Coaching

I was doing a friend a favor in helping them to put their food blog together and realized there is much more to WordPress than I thought. I reached out to Melissa for help because I loved how she designed her sites. I was amazed at her high level of tech knowledge in helping me to understand how to get thru the intricate details of getting my friend’s blog up and going. She provided me with more than I expected and I walked away feeling like I had the tools to get the job done, AND I DID GET THE JOB DONE!

My friend loved the blog and I was able to not feel frustrated with the whole process because of Melissa’s support. I shared my general ideas of what I was looking to do and she provided the map to get me to the destination I desired. Thanks Melissa for your brillance! – Simone Turner, Women’s Health Coach